There are certain things we rely on, because we know they will always be true. Family and community bind us - but we are bound also to the land. It gives us a home and provides for our families. The farmers and producers at Landcrafted Food are dedicated to sustaining and serving our farms and community, by producing foods that are as good for the land as they are for the people who enjoy them.

Our story

Grayson County farmland has been in Gary Mitchell’s family for seven generations. An entrepreneurial spirit, and a dedication to farm preservation and animal husbandry, runs deep. At thirteen years old, Gary’s daughter Mary borrowed money to purchase cows for her school 4H project. Lucas, Gary’s son, took on a three-year loan to buy his first five cows. Through a family effort, the Mitchells have created a mindful, thriving farm business that provides them the opportunity to produce wholesome, grass-fed beef for our customers.

Just over the hill, Charlotte Hanes purchased her farm twenty-five years ago, with the vision of creating a model of local sustainability for the surrounding community. In 2007, the Ivey family, Brantley and Whitney, joined forces with Charlotte to build a scalable, yet ecologically sustainable enterprise. While the Iveys have only been in Grayson County for a short time, they are excited to raise their kids on the farm, as they help Landcrafted Food build for the future.

This year, we finished construction and opened our own smokehouse and production facility, here in Independence, VA. With our combined efforts in grass-fed cattle farming now established, Landcrafted Food is setting its sites on becoming the only national brand of grass-fed meat snacks that both raises cattle and manufactures it’s own products. We are not a cleverly marketed outsourcing gimmick. Our people have a vision (and most importantly, a plan) to connect customers to the farms in and around Grayson County, VA. Thanks for being here.

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Our philOsOphy

Landcrafted Food is made up of a group of pioneering farmers for the 21st century. We are:

Community first
Our business is independently owned and operated. We are on a mission to bring economic sustainability back to family farmers in our region, through the development and distribution of quality foods.

Always wholesome
Our products are made from responsibly-sourced ingredients, including grass-fed beef that is raised humanely, on our small consortium of farms. We never use added hormones or antibiotics, and our products are gluten-free and GMO-free.

Leaving a legacy
Stewardship of our farmland and the rural lifestyle is a multi-generational promise that our children and grandchildren will inherit. Good food comes from good land, and this natural connection dictates our approach to farming, animal husbandry and business.

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graysOn co., va

Grayson County, located in the southwestern part of Virginia, is one of the most pristine and isolated geographic regions in the eastern United States. Founded in 1783, the county was named after William Grayson, a delegate to the Continental Congress and one of the first U.S. Senators from the state of Virginia.

For those who live here – and there are only around 15,000 of us – we know how special this place is (and yes, there are more cattle than people). Grayson is home to the highest peak in Virginia – Mount Rogers – and the New River and Jefferson National Forest both run through our county. The area has a rich history of agricultural production, especially in beef cattle.

At Landcrafted Food, we proudly carry on a farming legacy stretching back to the early days of American history. We believe our hometown of Independence, VA is appropriately named. We are stubbornly real and farmer owned.

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Our team

We are a community of farmers and producers who share a pioneering mindset. Channeling the strength and vision of the settlers who first cultivated our land, we know our role in creating the future of agriculture and food depends on the care and craft we put into our work, every day.

why grassfed?

At Landcrafted Food, our cattle are born and raised in the mountain pastures surrounding Grayson County, Virginia. Here are the essential features and benefits of our beef:

► 100% grass-fed (no-grain feeding or animal by-products)
► Traceable to the farm
► Humane certifications by Global Animal Partnership
► No antibiotics or hormones
► Lower in saturated fat and cholesterol
► Higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acids and antioxidants

There is a lot of independent literature that points to the benefits of consuming products from grass-fed cattle, compared to conventional grain-finished cattle.We assume that, because you’re here, you have read some of the thousands of articles available online. But if not, here are a couple we’ll point you to:

Our prOducts

Our cattle are born and raised on sustainable family farms, in and around Grayson County, Virginia. We are firm believers that returning to the simplest, most traditional animal husbandry and processing methods yields the best tasting, most healthy foods – just like folks enjoyed generations ago.

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Landcrafted Food beef sticks are:

  • › 100% grass-fed
  • › Made with organic cane sugar and sea salt
  • › No added hormones or antibiotics
  • › No MSG or nitrates
  • › Less than 1⁄2 the fat of conventional sticks
  • › Gluten-free

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where can you find us?

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      Products from Landcrafted Food are available internationally, to wholesale buyers including grocery retailers, distributors, restaurants, and institutional foodservice. We supply customers ranging from small local convenience stores to large grocery chains, restaurants, and universities with USDA-inspected all natural, fresh grass-fed beef and shelf stable RTE meat snacks – and can effectively scale production to meet most customers need, with a guarantee of consistency, quality, and flexibility.

      Our team is committed to producing the highest quality and best tasting beef snacks in the world. Our USDA-inspected facility will complete third-party food safety certifications, in order to achieve approved vendor status for our customers. We will undergo audits required by national foodservice providers, as well as supplementary certifications for food safety and quality assurance, as required by international distributors to universities and other institutions.

      Let’s talk about how Landcrafted Food can meet your needs in the growing grass-fed beef and meat snacks categories.

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